Real Her-Nude Browns- TAKE ON THE WORLD-Lip Kit



REALHER is setting you up for success with these specially curated Lip Kits designed for every woman in mind. Each lip kit contains a pencil lip liner, matte liquid lipstick, and lip gloss- all valued at over $50 USD! 


"Take on the World" (Brown-Nudes) 

Everyone needs a good, brown-nude collection of go-to lip products. Take on the world with this lip kit featuring brown-nude shades that bring out the beauty of your already gorgeous lips. This lip kit includes these 3 shades: "I Am Confident" retractable lip liner, "I Am Radiant" lip gloss, and "I Am Enough" matte liquid lipstick.




Liquid Lipstick: I Am Enough

Lip Gloss: I Am A Radiant

 Lip Liner: I Am Confident



Liquid lipstick:net 4.5Ml/0.15 Fl oz

lip gloss:net 3.5Ml / 0.12 Fl oz

lip liner:net wt 1.2 G / 0.04 Oz



Build the opaqueness of your lips depending on how you layer with your Lip Kit of choice. For a sheer look, apply the Lip Gloss. For a more medium coverage lip look, use the Lip Liner as a base and Lip Gloss on top. For a full coverage pout, start with the Lip Liner, adding on Liquid Lipstick and finishing off with the Lip Gloss.

To sharpen pencil lip liners, use any non-electrical pencil sharpener on hand. For retractable lip liners, pop out the built-in sharpener on the bottom of the liner to sharpen for a finer tip.


The results of our colors may vary due to a number of factors including but not limited to: lighting, skin tone, screen resolution, etc.

REAL APPLICATION Begin with the REALHER Lip Liner. Carefully line your lips following your natural lip line. Choose to keep lips lined or lightly fill the rest of yours lips with the Lip Liner. Take your Liquid Lip and begin with the bottom lip, starting in the center and applying left to right. Repeat this application for your upper lip. Allow the Liquid Lipstick to properly dry. Finish off your lip look with Lip Gloss by applying to the entire lip or focus your application in the center of the lips for a glistening pout. Use REALHER Lip Kit with a clean, damp Blending Bud nearby to quickly clean up any mistakes.