Dual Silicone Face Mask Applicator

$5 $10
This innovative dual-mask applicator  allows for an even application with either the silicone end or the brush end. There is no right or wrong end, the preference is yours.  


PRO TIP: We recommend using gel like masks, acids, exfoliants with the brush end and the silicone end for thicker masks such as clay, cream,  and sulfur masks.


  • Silicone end can better fit the contours of your face, making it more convenient and gentle for the skin.
  • The translucent soft-head silicone is easy to clean and disenfect.
  • Superfine, soft and skin-friendly synthetic hair for a soft application. 
La Dama wants to assure you can buy with confidence and satisfaction. Due to the nature of the product and for sanitary purposes, all sales are final on face mask applicators. Please note that lashes are handmade and may vary slightly; a minor variation does not constitute as a defective lash.