This Showerless Shave Gel is the only product on the market that enables you to get a close, smooth shave WITHOUT water! This shave gel is perfect for shaving small areas, such as armpits or other missed spots, on-the-go. Showerless Shave Gel contains tea tree oil and clove leaf oil, which both have antibacterial properties. Ginger root oil reduces irritation from the razor, while eucalyptus leaf oil increases circulation for a healthy glow.

Busy Beauty Instant Smooth Dry Shave Gel 3.4 oz

SKU: 217537123517253
  • STEP 1: Apply the shave gel to any spot on your body you wish to shave 

    STEP 2: Grab your razor of your choice (the gel works with any type) and start shaving.

    STEP 3: Hair will collect in the back of your razor. Rub any remaining gel in as a moisturizer.

98% would recommend

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