LD Curated Brightening and Moisturing| Full AM+PM Regimen

A full regimen for normal to dry skin types who want a moisturized, brighter, and a more even complexion. It has all your bases covered including an AHA Retinol for PM, a deep moisturizing cream (Humidify) for your AM+PM Routine to help lock in hydration and protect the skin’s barrier. The Iluma Cleanser makes this ideal for normal to dry skin types due to its gel to creamy consistency and contains ingredients to fade discoloration and balance redness. The Cosmedix Benefit Balance brings a nourishing balance to your skin with its hydrating and anti-septic properties. While Cosmedix Vita-C Crystals are mixed to Define or Humidfy to boost your brightening results.Ideal for: those with normal to dry skin who want to even out skin tone, have discoloration, hyperpigmentation and/or acne scarring without compromising their barrier function.